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A Bit About the Ipad, Iphone Changes and Tiny Wings Game


Big bird, little wings. Very annoying game. Not the annoying in a bad way, the annoying in the “if I don’t get past this round I’m going to throw my phone!!!” way. So the object of this game is to get your rather large bird with small wings to fall as far as he can in one day.

The faster you get through one island you save your daylight. The longer you take in one island, and reach the next island you may lose some daylight and reset. You’re given an objective when you start the game, which took me forever to beat.

Once you beat that objective, you’re given a new one; however you’re still playing on the same islands over and over. Now each island you reach is different from the last in slope and color. Yet, I don’t like the fact that I have to start out at island one each time there is a new objective, it gets a little old.

I also felt the directions on how to play the game were a little hard to understand. However; once I figured out the directions I was going pretty well. The game is very addictive, I’ve only had it a few days, but I find myself pulling out my iPhone when I have a free chance, and playing.

It’s rather challenging game, and we give it a 4 out 5! Let me start out by saying I am a big fan of Mac world Magazine. It offers great articles and helpful insight into the world of Apple Tech. Now I want to tell you about the article by Jason Snell (Editorial Director for Mac world) titled, “The Disruptive iPad: From the backseat to the bleachers,

Apple technology changes things you might not expect or editorial…I’m not a huge magazine enthusiast) Jason touches up on some things that the iPad has changed in the automotive industry. In the article he talks about him and his family purchasing a new minivan and about how the the iPad knocked a few hundred bucks off the price tag. Snell states:

“The biggest change that Apple has wrought cropped up when came time to decide whether or not to add in-car navigation and entertainment systems to our new vehicle.” Jason stated that for just those features alone it would run about $1,500 extra.

Now that’s a lot of cash for fixed navigation and entertainment that you cannot use anywhere but inside the car. He goes on stating that him and his wife both carry iPhone 4′s with Navigation’s Mobile Navigator, a GPS app that costs $59.99 in the App Store, beating most GPS retail prices.

And since most (if not all) newer cars come equipped with Bluetooth technology so even if you use your phone as a GPS, you can still receive calls while you cruise down the road. Snell also touches on the entertainment value of an iPad compared to those given in an automobile.

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