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All You Need to Know About Laptop Computer Notebook


A laptop sometimes also known as notebook computers is a rather small mobile personal computer, usually weighing from 1 to 3 kilograms (2 to 7 pounds). General dimensions (L x W x H) 14.00 x 10.40 x 1.10 inches and usually runs on rechargeable Lithium-Ion battery.

A laptop of similar specifications of a desktop computer generally costs more due to its portability. It is not practical to compare a notebook to a desktop in terms of performance.

Generally, people who wanted to get a notebook are because they wanted mobile flexibility, but the up grade ability is limited. Nearly all functions are ‘integrated’ (read as crammed) into the proprietary-design main board to save space and power, notebooks are difficult to repair and upgrade.

Only the RAM & hard drive can be upgraded. Some model do offer multi-bay capability, the magic is that it allows you to swap devices depending on your needs. The notebook is able to support a secondary internal hard drive or internal optical drive options including DVD+/-RW.

Those multi-bay hard drive & optical drive comes with either 9.5 mm or 12.7 mm thick depending on the requirements. Other options? Configure to Order please. There are wide ranges of notebook processors available from Intel Celeron Design for a balanced level of mobile processor technology and exceptional value for sleeker, lighter laptop designs.

Pentium M (with Centrino technology) It delivers outstanding mobile performance and low-power enhancements that enable a variety of laptop designs so you can find the one that fits your mobile lifestyle.

Core Duo Processors Its dual-core technology rewrites the rules of computing, delivering optimized power efficient computing and breakthrough dual-core performance with amazingly low power consumption. Intel Core 2 Duo processor and Intel Core 2 Extreme processor To provide enhanced performance.

Energy-efficiency in mobile applications while bringing for the first time the benefits of energy-efficient performance to mainstream desktop computing. With its own unique brand name, the Intel Core 2 Extreme processor, will be Intel’s highest performing desktop processor ever.

The new first choice of gamer and multimedia professionals worldwide. AMD Sempron Features lower power requirements to enable thin and light designs or from the Mobile AMD Sempron processor for full size mobile computing that delivers best-in-class performance.

Athlon 64 Designed for a balance of performance and mobility, incorporating AMD PowerNow! technology to deliver performance on demand while helping to extend system battery life. It is also designed to be compatible with all currently available wireless solutions, offering the user an enhanced mobile experience. The Mobile AMD Athlon 64 processor features AMD 64.

A revolutionary technology that allows the processor to run 32-bit applications at full speed while enabling the coming wave of powerful, 64-bit software applications, and provides Enhanced Virus Protection when enabled by Windows XP Service Pack 2 (SP2). Turion 64 Optimized to deliver AMD 64 performance in thinner and lighter notebook PCs with longer battery life.

Enhanced security, and compatibility with the latest wireless and graphics technologies Turion 64 X2 Most advanced family of dual-core processors made for mobility – uniquely optimized to deliver better multi-tasking performance in thinner and lighter notebook designs. Motorola and IBM develop and manufacture the PowerPC chips for some Apple notebooks.

Current market notebook memory uses the latest DDR technology and depending on the design of the notebook, it comes with 256Mb, 512Mb &1Gb DDR I (333 Mhz) or DDR II (400/533Mhz) module. DDR II modules are usually for the higher end models. Not to worry, DDR II will soon be used on average ones.

Life span of the typical battery life for most laptops? No need to mention, just check out the reviews Need me to give more other info on discount laptop? Below are the summaries of notebooks for each individual needs. Be it cheap computer notebook or built for power performance regardless of the price.

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