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The App Review About Picture Effect Magic and Netflix


If you’re a dabbler of modifying picture before posting them to Facebook, Twitter, and if you’re still in the dinosaur ages Myspace, than Picture Effect Magic is a pretty cool free app that lets you make modifications. There is a catch with the free app, is that you have to put up with the ads.

However, the paid version difference is that it is ad free. I suggest just putting up with the ads. This app allows you to take a photo from your camera roll and modify it. You can add any of the 43 effects, like Red Blue Channel, Rain Bow, Molton Effect, or Sketch Effect to just name a few, to your photos.

You can also change the color of the photo by messing with the RGB, HSKm HSV, YUV, CMYK, (don’t ask us what these are, we’re techies, not photographers! But it’s still fun to play with!). You can also add color splash, which I really love. I’ve seen people use this on their photos but never knew how to do it for mine. Well, now that I have this handy free app I can do so!

Great thing about this app is that you can save the picture you are working on as a different picture, that way you’re not overwriting the original, in case you really like it. There is also a brush section that allows you to choose the type and size of brush, to get more accurate detailing in your picture. Like other programs you can also crop, and background items, and even frames!

If you’re new to photo editing or even an expert, I would suggest this app as it can provide on the go simple photo editing! I have been a huge fan of Netflix since my sophomore year of college, which now seems like forever ago. I have the DVD service and the computer service as well, and to be honest, I only ever use the computer service.

Once Apple offered the app for Netflix, and for free, I downloaded it immediately. Since its release, there have been major updates on the user interface which, to me, has made it very user friendly. It suggests movies in different categories, and shows the ones you’ve recently watched, in case you want to watch it again, or rate it.

The home page has much of the same feel that the actually site itself does. I use Netflix all the time, when I visit my parents house and there is no television in my bedroom, while in the office on a slow day, or when I have a few minutes and I watch to finish watching season 5 of Weeds (great show!).

While the app is free the subscription to Netflix is not. If you know that the only time you’re going to use Netflix is on the computer than I suggest buying just the computer package which costs $7.99 and is unlimited. You can also use this app for the iPad, which is pretty awesome. However, I feel like the iPhone 4 is louder in sounds than the iPad 2.

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