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The Choosing Your Mlm Home Business Opportunity With Internet


An MLM Home Business Opportunity or Multi Level Marketing, on or off the Internet, is probably the business structure that offers the most opportunity for all involved. Everyone from the consumer to the business owner and builder can benefit greatly from this exciting business model.

Choosing which MLM opportunity to take up as your own can be a daunting and sometimes harrowing task. For every truly good MLM business opportunity, there are hundreds of fly-by-night, pre-launch, flavor-of-the-month, startups, all put together by people who have no intention of creating or contributing anything lasting to their enrolls or society.

All of these “Hot Opportunities” and “Auto-Pilot” money-makers give good, solid, respectable MLM companies a bad name, and can make it very difficult for the sincere MLM’er to distinguish between the gold and the brass. If you are currently contemplating becoming involved in an MLM opportunity, here are some things to keep in mind which may help to guide you in your selection:

1)A good MLM opportunity will have products that are unique enough to be able to receive patents. The products must serve multiple market categories, and must serve the masses, not just one strata of society.

2)The company must have a record of long term stability…no startups or “hot pre-launch” opportunities.

3)The company must provide a simple, effective marketing system…one that can be used by anyone and whose use anyone can duplicate. Failing that, it must at least lend itself to use by someone using such a system, and allow you to market it in that way.

4)The company must be led by successful business leaders, with a verifiable history of accomplishment and a vision for growth.

5)The company should be in a state of beginning to expand globally, using the Internet.

6)The compensation plan should maximize your income based on your efforts. It should pay out at least 50% of sales and should offer unlimited depth within the compensation plan, fast start bonuses, and other rewards and recognition.

7)The company should contribute something of value to society, and be conscious of conducting its business effectively while preserving the environment, making a positive impact on the world at large. All of those things are simple prerequisites of Good Business.

On the Internet today, the great majority of companies you will run across are being run by people who are truly experts in one thing…the Internet. They have no true Business background. We’ve all heard the saying, “The Internet changed everything”. Well, it didn’t. It only changed the environment.

The activity itself is still Business, and these people know nothing, and care nothing, about creating a long-term, truly functional organization, designed to serve its customers, its distributors, its executives, and society itself. They do a complete disservice to the concept of MLM and network marketing and the entrepreneurs who participate in it.

In my MLM businesses, I often relate this concept to my enrolls/trainees in this manner: Let’s say you are going to perform an activity within a certain environment. The activity will be reading a book, and let’s suppose that the environment will be your living room.

You’ll naturally perform the activity in a manner allowed by the environment. You’ll probably sit in a comfortable chair with a cup of coffee or cold drink nearby. If you want to perform that same activity in a different environment, say at a Metallica concert, you will perform it in a slightly different manner…perhaps using earplugs and a flashlight.

However, even though the environment is changed, and therefore you adjust some aspects of how you perform the activity, the activity itself remains the same.

You still need to know how to read. Business is still business. Plan long-term, solidly, with one eye on the past and one on the future. Don’t be misled by fads, fashions, or hype. Choose your MLM home business opportunity using the guidelines of time-tested business principles and you won’t go wrong.

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