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The Facebook Warned About Virus and Iphone in Japan Soon


Facebook is in the news again. The social networking site has been in the news for all the wrong reasons in the recent past. It has apparently now released a software which intrudes into networks. Check Point Software Technologies Ltd. which is based in Tel Aviv and makes software to secure networks against intrusion has issued a warning to Facebook.

Facebook’s new software called ‘Secret Crush’ is reported to be a malware threat. This software allows third party software vendors to plug applications into the site. This is a common feature of all Facebook application such as ‘Which Drink are you’, ‘Which Harry Potter character are you’ and many others.

These software applications are created by a third party and then is licensed to Facebook to put up on the site. Microsoft Corp. owns a stake in Facebook and along with Google owned Orkut has left other social networking sites like MySpace and Twitter. These applications are immensely popular among users who add them to their profiles to get an answer to the question.

Check Point says that what happens is that a Facebook user gets a message that someone has a crush on them. After this they user downloads the application onto his profile which then leads to an adware application. When people open attachments they can get exposed to what are known as “phishing” scams that put harmful programs on your computer and malware on the operating systems.

There have been many issues that Facebook has faced including an application which tracked a user’s movement over the internet. Many privacy issues have also been raised. In spite of all these claims of identity theft, intrusion of privacy etc against social networking sites, their success only seems to be spiraling upwards. There is no stopping the juggernaut.

The big news that’s doing the rounds in the electronics world is that the iPhone will be launched in Japan pretty soon. Just as people all over the world are clamoring for unlocked iPhones it looks like the folks in Japan are just about to be treated to the real deal.

The second largest economy in the world is all set to have iPhones of their own and reports from the Wall Street Journal suggest that Jobs and the other guys at Apple are working out some kind of a deal with NTT DoCoMo’s president Masao Nakamur for the domestic launch of the iPhone. It’s been rumoured that Apple is also in talks with telecom company Soft bank and is keeping everyone guessing in true Apple fashion.

However DoCoMo is still first preference for Jobs and his men. What is interesting to note is that Apple has not considered Japan’s second best telecom carrier KDDI for the job. Japan is an important target for Apple if it wants to reach its 10 million device target by the end of 2008.

It’s been reported that as usual the topic of how the revenues are to be shared is an issue of debate but Apple is apparently confident of sealing the deal. Also since DoCoMo and Soft bank and competitors it is quite likely that the carriers will budge first.

Looks like after conquering North America, Apple is now targeting the gadget freaks in Japan. While there is no doubt that Apple will have its way with carriers ultimately, whether they will have to settle for second best, only time will tell. DoCoMo doesn’t have an EDGE or GSM network so maybe the 3G iPhone which rum ours have been hinting at.

Apple will have to bring out a phone that is compatible with UMTS or HDSPA standards. It is also reported that Apple is in tough talks with Chinese carriers who are firm that they will not share revenue as is the Chinese rule. Now that’s a battle that will be interesting for who wins.

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