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The Hulu Plus for Iphone and Review of U Pad


Hulu is a service similar to Netflix, but dealing a lot more in TV shows rather than movies, even though they have plenty of those too! It provides streaming of television shows to your iPhone, iPad and iPod touch devices. This service is actually incredibly cheap sitting at $7.99/month.

I recently jumped on this train since Hulu offers a 1 month free trial for students (and I think also Xbox users) and I am quite impressed. I have been watching many shows on my iPhone late at night to help myself fall asleep, even though it sometimes counteracts that when the going gets good!

I know many other big named blogs and websites have already done their reviews on this app, but I wanted to review it as a real world user who uses it everyday instead of just long enough to write a review and then ditch it. First I will spell out the good about this app. And that is the user interface features and tabs.

I recently invested in an iPad for several reasons; however my main reason was for school. Most of my reading occurs online, and I found myself printing hundreds of sheets of paper a week just to read and highlight, then throw away. U pad, costs $4.99, and is probably the best $5 dollars on an app I’ve ever spent.

I was spending close to $30 dollars a course just to print my texts. With U pad, you can download a PDF file, and upload it to your U pad application. From there you can read the text, highlight on it, mark special pages that you need to get to right away, and even write notes of those pages with text or with your finger.

I no longer spend money to print texts just to read since the iPad handles like a book, and I can write on the text with this app. I’ve also found other great uses for this app, I use it during meetings, and make comments on program proposals, or charts. When I’m bored, I open a blank page and begin to draw, doodle, and mess around.

You can change modes in this application: editable mode, and read only. This way you’re not drawing and marking all over the text when you do not want to. You can also change the colors of the pen and the highlighter, great if you are a color coordinating person when taking notes.

You can also change the size and type of pen/highlighter you are using. If you are a college student, and looking for an app that helps you keep all of your e-texts in one place, and write on them, then I can promise, this will be the best $5 you spend on a app for work/school related items.

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