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These days, one of people’s greatest concerns regarding online activities is security. Spyware, malware, adware, viruses, trojans, key loggers etc provide an easy way for certain unscrupulous people and companies to get into our lives and even steal valuable personal info. Let me relate a small story that recently occurred in my family.

My nine year old daughter was accused of cyber bullying a child via facebook. I checked into the time that it occurred and discovered that it was 4:00 am, a time when my daughter was not even online. She had inadvertently downloaded a keylogger which gave someone access to her facebook account.

Naturally, I cleaned her computer and changed her password. Well, I guess it was a relatively harmless way for her to discover the privacy dangers associated with the internet. She will be much more careful what she downloads in future because she was very upset about the situation.

It’s so easy to have a breach of security online. Just look at all the emails that come in claiming to be from your online bank, ebay, paypal etc that request you to log in via a link in the email… Look out, someone is trying to get a keylogger onto your system.

Not only can they use the information garnered by a keylogger to access your online banking, paypal or ebay accounts, they can use it to steal your identity with all the potential legal repercussions that involves. Then of course, there is the damage that can be done by malicious viruses including corrupted software, file deletions etc. All of these things can be a real pain!

Yup, it’s scary out there in cyberspace! Thankfully, it’s easy enough to get a 30 day Internet Security software FREE Download from Kaspersky. Kaspersky is a relatively new kid on the block for internet security applications, but has quickly become one of the highest rating packages available.

I have been a CA Antivirus user for years (have tried other programs also but always went back to CA). That was until I tried Kaspersky. I won’t be going back now. Kaspersky is easier to use, more effective (IMHO), uses less system resources (i.e. doesn’t slow the computer down as much) and is competitively priced.

Kaspersky Lab offers an award-winning line of antivirus software, anti-spyware and Internet security solutions for your home computer or laptop. If you would like to view the awards received by Kaspersky you can visit the Kaspersky Awards page. Want to try it and discover what all the fuss is about? Download a FREE 30 day trial today!

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