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The Six ‘success’ Myths of Network Marketing


Myth 1# Just call enough people and you will find success in this industry If you’ve been in the business opportunity world for any length of time I’m sure you’ve heard this false claim. It states it?’s a numbers game and if you just contact enough people you will be successful. In essence, this statement is true, but there is a HUGE misnomer in it.

Let me explain, true if you contact enough people you will find success, but after buying leads and calling well over 500 people and not having one person join my business it’s not as easy as it sounds. First you have to have the money to buy all those leads. Most people and me included when I was going through the school of hard knocks don’t have this type of money to put out before finding any initial success.

You see it’s NOT just about calling people it’s about being GOOD at calling people. I wasn’t good and I didn’t have the funds to continue my hard knock education to find a glimmer of hope. Calling leads is NOT as duplicate as THEY say. What is duplicate is having a direct marketing system to do the selling for you. That’s what works online.

Myth 2# You can create financial success with little or no money. This is one of my personal favorites. We have all been in the scenario where we have been to a ra ra meeting and those at the front telling there stories are asked how did you get so many sales or how did you recruit so many people the answer will almost certainly be: ‘I just talked to everyone consistently, I was unemployed when I started this business’ Whatever. If it was that simple we all would have made it long time ago right.

Myth 3# You cannot build a network marketing business using the internet It’s usually the same people who say this are the same people who claim they have built a business with little or no money. Think about it, the internet is an excellent way of doing business. Millions upon millions are surfing the net on a daily basis you can put yourself in front of these people passively.

When I began using the internet as my marketing medium for my business I requested the advice of others that have been successful in promoting a residual income producing business. I asked them if it was possible to create a huge income in the business using the internet. My question was met with overwhelming amounts of friction.

I was told that it simply couldn’t be done. I was told that it was not personal enough of a medium for this business medium to be used effectively in the way that I was referring. I couldn’t understand why. The internet is a personal medium we are have email addresses. Which is great for building personal relationships and my results have proved it.

Myth #4: Buying and Calling Leads Is The Only Way To REALLY Grow A Network Marketing Organization The first thing that happens generally when you join a network marketing business is you ask you sponsor how to get your business growing and they inevitable answer by saying head over to X lead company get yourself some leads on monthly auto ship and call them.

You follow their advice and you do it. You Buy 500 leads a month for $200 a month and you start calling. You’re met with people that have no idea why you are contacting them and many of them aren’t happy about it either.

You put up with it because that’s what you are taught to do from your sponsor and because that’s the way they say it works. Five months and $1000 down the road you’ve called your fair share of people and you wonder why it’s not working. Then you ask how is duplicate on a high level? The answer is it’s NOT!

The truth is buying leads can and does work for some, but it’s not the only or even the best way to grow your business. You only want to speak with people that are interested in YOUR business and when you buy generic leads that’s not what you get. Buying leads is NOT the only way to grow your MLM and it’s by far NOT the easiest way.

Myth #5: Just Set IT And Forget It When you’re first introduced to leveraged residual income producing businesses the first thought that enters your mind is if I just get a couple people and they just get a couple people maybe this thing will work and maybe you’ll be able to just sit back and watch it all happen as you income continues to grow.

That’s NOT how it works. Your recruiting process is a constant process as distributors will come and go. Myth

#6 To succeed in Network Marketing all you have to do is recruit This is what I call an underground myth.

Simply because all network marketers have thought this unconsciously at some point in their network marketing career but would not admit it. Now if you want that true residual income it is far easier to concentrate on retailing the products or service and then after a while encourage the product users to become distributors. Think about it.

The most successful net workers are those that have an emotional attachment with the products. So if you have a customer that has really benefited from the products then they will have no trouble promoting the products because they have a strong story rather than those ‘opportunity seekers’ who will drop out once they realize they don’t really care about the products.

So, if the above myths are things that don’t usually work, then what does work? Generating your own leads works great, and you can do that on the internet, if you have some kind of system. Go to the following page, if you would like to learn about an internet network marketing system.

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