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Why Your Business Needs an Mobile App


Did you know that over 50% of Americans will have smart phones by 2012? That means 50% of your customers have them. Is your business taking advantage of this mobile revolution? Why not? Welcome to the Digit Tech Apps, a Tampa Bay Company focused on helping businesses make sound choices that fully utilize the mobile revolution.

If you are looking for a place to be informed about the current trends in mobile technology and how that affects your future business, this is the website to read. The mobile revolution is a tricky one to follow as it is more rapidly changing than the Internet bubble of the late 90′s and early 2000′s.

The mobile revolution is so wide spread and meaningful that some places in the world are skipping the PC revolution and jumping right into the mobile one. This is because the cost of a mobile device today is cheaper than most PC’s, and the technology behind the mobile device is almost as powerful and sometimes more flexible.

Small Business Mobile Apps Download your business into your clients’ pocket! A national research group determined that by the start of 2012 the revenue and sales of Apps, in-app purchases and subscriptions across smartphones and tablet’s reached $7.3 Billion and is expected to rise to $36.7 Billion by 2015.

And your business can now tap into this incredible opportunity without having to pay the hefty price tag other app companies charge. Discover how and why we are able to offer Apps for small businesses at a fraction of the price the big app companies charge.

Mobile Website Design There’s a mobile movement going on. Smartphone have become the ultimate shopping companion making us smarter consumers. 74% of consumers make a purchase based on a smartphone search. And while we use our smartphones to find things we still end up doing our shopping in our own back yard.

Mobile search queries have sky-rocketed over the last years. Yet 79% of top advertisers on the Internet don’t even have a mobilized website. So now is the time to discover how you can mobilize your website with a cutting edge design that’s going to convert all those mobile searches into profit in the bank for you.

Apps are an ASSET for your business A Mobile App for your business gives a Return On Investment Imagine if you could send a message to your clients or prospects stating an offer the very same day for customers who visit your business! Do a Group-on offer without the sharing the cost with Group-on or Living Social!

Help your customers buy from their mobile phones with direct online purchases direct from your app! Look At Lifetime Value Of Customer – Get an App for Your Business to keep your customers coming back and buying your product or services repeatedly! Your customers can make reservations direct from your app if you own a restaurant.

Naturally an App is not the only form of marketing; however, it is one of the BEST Returns for Your Investment. Contact Us Today and ask about our Small Business Special. It’s not Expenditure – It’s An ASSET for your business!

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