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Three Keys to Having a Successful Software Project


A small software developer usually has to deal with smaller budgets, small workforce or inflexible schedule. With all the pitfalls that can cause a software project to come in late or over budget.

You must know the best practices in the field and learn how to implement them correctly. To create profitable software and ensure that your project is a success, you’ll need to consistently find these three elements in every project.

Plan Your Project Properly This is by far the most important element in a successful software project. Many projects fail because little or no planning went into developing the software. The development is rushed to get the software into the market and make money as soon as possible.

Major unplanned changes are added in the middle of the development cycle; the project drags on and ends up costing more that it’s originally planned. Planning software means that it’s thoroughly thought out. What usually happens is buyers come to programmers with neat ideas, and the programmers firm up the plans and find loopholes in the plans.

The plans are put on paper or on the Internet and agreed upon between all parties involved. At this stage you’ll need to create an effective software blueprint. In a very simple project that you are not planning to market, you probably can get away without creating a blue print.

The software blueprint is the plan that defines specifically how the software should be built, how the interface should be like, how it should work and how the software deals with data storage. I’ll write about how to create effective software blueprint in my coming posts.

Perseverance Perseverance is failing nineteen times and succeeding the twentieth. — Julie Andrews The journey ahead could be taxing and unexpected things happens which could misaligned your focus. There are many times that I hired a programmer from Rent A Coder and despite the initial promised made by the programmer, the work didn’t get done as quickly as I’d like.

Some tough bugs lingered around and the programmer became irritatingly unresponsive, ignoring my emails or instant messages towards the end of the project. When you encounter such situation, don’t quit. Remind yourself that these challengers are part of the journey towards your success.

Learn from your mistakes and improve from it. Believe that all problems can be solved with some perseverance. Market Your Software Like Crazy Having the best software in the world does not guarantee your success if nobody knows it exists. But having a decent software combined with good old marketing will make sure you are a step closer to you goal.

Later after your projected is completed, you have start looking at every possible avenues where you can market your software. You have to believe in you software ability in solving other people’s problems or in performing a designated tasks.

If you yourself are in doubt, others will know and you won’t be able to convince them why they should buy your software. In every release, Bill Gates or Steve Job would say nothing but the best about their products and how they will change the world even though we know sometimes they are stretching it a little.

Like every good marketer does, you should sell the sizzle not the steak. That’s not to say that you should not care about the quality of your product and present people with false premises. No it means, you have to be your software’s greatest proponent.

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