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Two Weeks With the Airpods Pro, the Headphones That Isolate You From the World: Are They Worth It?


Impeccable sound, waterproof and, finally, with noise cancellation system. These are, really, the headphones that must have been a couple of years ago, but it’s never too late if the bliss is good. And bliss, in this case, sounds balanced and has a series of appropriate functionalities to enjoy. Although with certain nuances, because its High price does not invite to checkout. The question is simple, but in turn complex: is the new AirPods Pro worth it?

Apple, aware that it had marked a trend with the original models, has wanted to keep its headphones design since 2016. Except for the small wash of last year, the demand was very strong towards one direction: add noise cancellation system. In his review, he has achieved it, although for this he has also renewed his aesthetics. It loses, on the one hand, its hallmark, but in this way, it will begin to distinguish. Smaller and more compact than the previous ones, the truth is that they are comfortable once placed. They adapt very well, are ergonomic and, although they are not designed for use in sport situations, they are sufficiently gripped so that they do not fall.

That grip is provided by pads that adapt very well to the ears. It comes with a set of three pads depending on all types of ear sizes. It is something that can also be customized because it has an adaptive algorithm for the most convenient size. Another of its virtues is that they are resistant to water (and sweat). This was something necessary that now, finally, has been introduced as another of its improvements. The autonomy is at the expected level, reaching 6 hours, but extending with the charger case – which comes with a wireless charging system – up to almost two days of waiting. And all together very easy to transport in a pocket that weighs only about 45 grams. It is somewhat larger, but changes are barely noticeable.

The highlight is its active noise cancellation system. Although it is somewhat improved compared to other rivals, the truth is that it isolates external noise very well. It can be deactivated through a function called “transparency”. It is a way that comes thanks to a technology that, although it offers good sensations, is a step below other rivals that manage to reduce the outside noise even more. Its operation seems simple: for this, and the externally oriented microphone has been integrated that captures the external sound and, in turn, counteracts it by means of a signal towards the inside of the ear, thus achieving the insulating effect.

Activating this mode – which is not convenient for prolonged periods – is something that can be done from the mobile, but also from its new touch button system with a long operation. A catch is that activating it is necessary to do it from its lower stem, but this interaction is somewhat uncomfortable. And, for better or worse, these “touches” are not configurable. For example, one-touch plays music, two advances to the next track and three activate (or deactivates) the noise song. When the “insulator” version is active, there is an automatic equalization system that achieves good results. Its price, however, is one of its main drawbacks: 279 euros.

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